How do I register for a class or lesson?

Submit a signed registration form and pay the required deposit. Students can register in person, by postal mail or email. Paper registration forms are available at the school.

When should I register?

Individual and partner lessons are open for enrollment throughout the year. For 2018-19 lessons and classes, Third Street recommends enrolling during the Early Registration Period, which begins on April 15, 2018 and continues until May 15, 2018. Returning students receive special consideration in scheduling if they register during this time. After the term has started, students must register at least one week before their intended start date. Group classes remain open until the enrollment maximum has been met or until the fourth week of classes.


What is the school's placement process?

Individual / Partner Instruction:

    • New students age six and under or all students with previous experience are invited to schedule a placement appointment with a Department Chairperson to discuss instructors and courses of study.
    • New students over the age of six and without previous experience are welcome to enroll without a placement appointment. Student Services will identify an appropriate instructor based on availability and area of interest.
    • Returning students should consult with their current instructor to set a lesson length and time for the new academic year.

Group Instruction:

  • Students interested in group instruction will be placed by Student Services or the department chairperson into the appropriate class according to age, availability and skill level.


How will you be notified of your start date?

Families will receive confirmation of their enrollment, with a schedule and calendar, by mail.

What if you have a conflict, how do you change your schedule?

Individual / Partner Instruction:

    • Before the term has started, please inform Student Services of any scheduling problems and they will attempt to accommodate your needs. After the term has started, families can confer with their individual lesson instructor. Some changes may require consultation with a department chairperson.

Group Instruction:

  • Most group classes will have both weekday and Saturday options, students may transfer to another appropriate section of a class, subject to availability.

How do you change instructors?

The School recognizes that there are many reasons for wanting to change instructors and respects and honors your wishes. Additionally, the School strives to make this process as seamless and stress free as possible. Contact Student Services to schedule an appointment to speak with your department chairperson about your desire to change instructors.


Is there a registration fee?

Yes. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $60 per student for the September through June academic year.

Are there early registration discounts?

The registration fee is waived during the Early Registration Period (April 15 - May 15, 2018).

Do I receive a discount for siblings or other family members?

Family members receive a discount of $80 on individual lessons. Families enrolling siblings in the Third Street Preschool program will receive a 10% discount on the Preschool tuition of any additional sibling.

How do I pay for lessons/classes?

The School accepts tuition payments by cash, check, money order or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express). Payments can be made in person at the reception desk or by postal mail. Credit card payments for tuition may also be made by telephone.

What is the required registration deposit?

  • Individual / Partner Instruction: A deposit of $400, plus the $60 registration fee, is due at the time of enrollment. Families receiving need-based financial aid may arrange for a smaller deposit.
  • Group Instruction (Students under the age of 18): The required deposit for group instruction is 50% of the year’s tuition, plus the $60 registration fee.
  • Group Instruction (Students over the age of 18): The required deposit for adult group classes is the cost of the first session, plus the $60 registration fee.
  • Flex Pass (Students over the age of 18): Payment is due in full at the time of enrollment. Please note that students are responsible for keeping track of their lessons.
  • Preschool:  Please call Student services.

Still have a question? Email [email protected], or call us at 212.777.3240,  ext. 17.