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Ensemble Auditions

Many Ensembles offer the opportunity to join after the school year have started. For questions or additional information, please contact Ivan Antonov via email or 212-777-3240, ext 11.

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Ensemble Openings, Requirements and Prerequisites 

Not all ensembles require an audition to join, so read more below!


Third Street choirs are divided by age and do not require an audition. Contact Student Services to add Chorus to your schedule, or call 212-777-3240 x17 with questions. Ready to register today? Download this form.


Students who plan to continue performing in the same orchestra do not need to re-audition. New students and those interested in moving to the next level of orchestra can join one at the beginning or at the end of the school year. Each orchestra has its own set of audition requirements detailed in the table below. Students should use these criteria as guidelines for audition preparation, but may be placed in a different orchestra based on their audition. Always consult with your teacher.

Overture Con Spirito Sinfonia Philharmonia
Ages 6 - 10 8 - 12 10 - 15 12 and above
Scales D, G D, G, C, A Up to 3 sharps or flats At least 5 sharps or flats
Sight Reading May be required Required Required Required
Minimum Level Requirements
Violin Book 1: Minuet 3 Book 3: Martini's Gavotte Book 4: Vivaldi Violin Concerto Mvts. 1 or 3 completed Middle of Book 6: Handel's Sonata No. 3
Viola Book 1: Minuet 3 Book 3: Martini's Gavotte Middle of Book 4:
Major for Two Violas
Book 6: M. Marais' La Folia (arr. D. Preucil)
Cello Book 1: The Happy Farmer Book 3: J.S. Bach's Allegro Moderato End of Book 4: Breval's Sonata in C Major, Op. 40, No. 1 Book 7: Eccles' Sonata in G Minor
Bass Book 1: The Little Fiddle Theme from Mahler's Symphony No. 1 End of Book 3: Sweet Georgia Brown End of Book 4: Marcello's Sonata in E Minor

Flute and Clarinet students wishing to audition for Philharmonia should perform 2 major scales of their choice as well as the following excerpts: Clarinet and Flute

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Advanced Cello Ensemble (ACE) 

Advanced cello students prepare and perform multi-part cello ensemble works by composers ranging from Bach to the Beatles. Audition requirements: Prepared piece at Suzuki book 5 level (or equivalent), 3 octave scales, sight reading.


  • No age/years of study requirements
  • Sight reading--yes
  • 2 Octave major and minor scales through 3 sharps and flats
  • Chromatic scale 2 octaves
  • Solo: J.Andersen Scherzo or equivalent
  • Students will be asked to demonstrate techniques including vibrato and double tonguing.

Flute Lab

  • No age/yrs of study requirement
  • Sight reading--yes
  • C scale, F scale, G scale: 1 octave
  • Solo of your choice

Jazz Ensembles

Third Street's jazz program is comprised of two main ensembles, Jazz Prep (ages 9 - 11) and Jazz Big Band (ages 12 and above), as well as a number of small jazz combos. Students interested in auditioning for a jazz combo should prepare a solo selection which demonstrates their musical and technical abilities. Some sight-reading will be required. Students may also be asked to play a scale.

Students interested in auditioning for Jazz Band Prep should review the Jazz Band Prep Audition Packet by clicking here. This packet details audition requirements for saxophones, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass and drums. Additional instruments may be accepted at the director’s discretion.

Students interested in auditioning for Jazz Big Band should review the Jazz Big Band Audition Packet by clicking here. This packet details audition requirements for saxophones, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass and drums.

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Piano Ensemble

Students will be placed in groups based on their age and ability as judged in auditions. Returning students do not need to audition. The recommended minimum age of a student playing in an ensemble is 6-years-old, and they will need to show proficiency appropriate to their age in technique, musicianship and reading abilities.

Students must be taking individual piano lessons and have consent and support from their individual lesson instructors to participate in the program. .

Before auditioning, students must demonstrate performance readiness by participating in at least three public performances such as a Music Hour, studio recital, concert or equivalent performances outside of Third Street.

Adult Ensembles

Openings for Spring 2018 are available in the New Horizons Band, Adult Chamber Music and Adult Jazz Workshop. Contact us to learn more.

Would you like to play music with your friends in one of Third Street's many ensembles? Whether you're interested in one of our orchestras, concert bands, jazz groups, chamber ensembles or more, we would love to have you!

NYC Symphonic Band at Third Street

The following information is provided for students and teachers as a general guide to the level of musicianship.  The applicant’s prepared piece should be one that is an accurate representation of their technical and artistic ability.  As a broad guideline, successful candidates for the New York Symphonic Band should be working on repertoire that is equivalent to NYSSMA level 4 through level 5. The piece should be well prepared and must demonstrate the technical demands listed below.


  • Ability to play in all time signatures
  • Ability to subdivide and write in beats/counting for complex rhythms
  • Ability to read above and below the staff and execute scales/arpeggios/technical passages in all registers.
  • Ability to read/play in major and minor keys up to five sharps and flats.


Demonstrate good tone production, appropriate phrasing in different styles, full range of dynamics, full range of articulations, accurate intonation, and understanding of musical terms


  • Winds and Brass – Play in 2 ½ octave range; use of varied articulations; Major Scale/Arpeggio proficiency through 5 sharps and 5 flats
  • Percussion – Prior experience in band/orchestra with cymbals, triangle, and bass drum; advanced snare drum and good timpani technique; ability to tune timpani