Partnership Programs

Third Street Partners

Serving Generations of Students in New York City Schools

Since the 1970s, Third Street has worked with local public schools to provide music instruction to their students, thereby becoming one of the first in the nation to initiate such partnerships. Today, Third Street collaborates with public, private and charter schools through lower Manhattan and beyond throughout Third Street Partners. Many of these schools are located in federally designated poverty areas. The goal of these partnerships is simple: to change the lives of students for the better through music and dance.

  • Third Street works in collaboration with partner schools to tailor arts instruction and meet the needs of its community, and to achieve national, state and city standards for arts education.
  • In its partner schools, full classes of students from preschool to high school learn to sing, dance or play musical instruments.
  • Trained Third Street faculty members instruct weekly classes throughout the school year.
  • Third Street faculty and program staff members meet regularly with classroom teachers and arts specialists in each school to plan and reflect on their progress with the students.
  • Every class shares its music and dance in performances before audiences of students, teachers and parents.
  • By offering children in its partner public schools the chance to continue exploring the arts in its East 11th Street building, Third Street ensures that each student has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential in music and dance.

Current Third Street Partner Public Schools

  • Bard High School Early College
  • Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School
  • Cascades High School
  • Earth School
  • East Village Community School
  • Grant Avenue Elementary School
  • KIPP Infinity Charter School
  • The Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza
  • MS 131 Dr. Sun Yat Sen
  • Neighborhood School
  • Peck Slip School
  • PS 2 Meyer London
  • PS 3 Charrette School
  • PS 15 Roberto Clemente
  • PS 19 Asher Levy
  • PS 33 Chelsea Prep
  • PS 34 Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • PS 42 Benjamin Altman
  • PS 81 Thaddeus Stevens
  • PS 99 Kew Gardens
  • PS 110 Florence Nightingale
  • PS 130 Hernando De Soto
  • PS 142 Amalia Castro
  • PS 184 Shuang Wen
  • PS 277 Bronx
  • Tompkins Square Middle School
  • University Neighborhood Middle School
  • 47 The American Sign Language and English Secondary School

[email protected]

Students enrolled in one of Third Street's partner public schools may also be eligible to participate in [email protected], a program which provides free and low-cost classes at Third Street's facility on East 11th Street. Held after school and on Saturdays, group classes include a variety of keyboard, string, woodwind, brass, chorus and dance options.

During the first year, students pay a $40 application fee (waived for Spring 2017 Open House attendees) and receive free tuition for 32 weeks of instruction. Second-year students pay $300 in tuition. Tuition assistance is available for returning students with demonstrated financial need.

To be eligible for this program in 2017-18, children must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be between the ages of 6 and 14 as of December 1, 2017.
  • Never enrolled in Third Street's After-School/Saturday program at any time during the past two years.
  • Attend a public school that has contracted¬†with Third Street Music School Settlement for music or dance instruction in 2016-17.


The Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza

Located in the East Village at 611 East 13th Street, the Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza officially opened in January of 2014. This community center houses an after-school program that includes visual arts programming, music and dance, meals and homework help. In February of 2016, Third Street began its program at Campos Plaza. We are currently partnered with University Settlement, which runs several other highly regarded youth programs in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, to ensure these students are getting the best educational opportunities possible.

If your school is not listed here and you think it would benefit from a partnership with Third Street, please let us know. Contact James Hall, Program Manager, at (212) 777-3240, ext. 37, or [email protected].