Voice Lessons New Rochelle

Singing is fundamental for musicians and Third Street encourages all students to enroll in individual voice lessons and chorus. Vocal training helps students to build skills in ear training, musicianship and performance. In addition to being a discipline of its own, voice & chorus study can help to expand a student's overall musicianship.

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The only thing better than singing is more singing." - Ella Fitzgerald

Third Street's Voice Department offers individual, partner and group lessons for students above the age of eight, and chorus for students five through 18. Singers can pursue instruction in many styles, including classical or contemporary (rock, popular, Broadway and jazz). New students age five and under, or students with prior playing experience, will have the opportunity to meet with the Voice Department Chairperson for placement.


Instruction for voice is available in focused, one-on-one individual lessons; in shared partner lessons where two students of a similar level learn from the same teacher; and in larger group lessons for 3-5 students that are a great place for beginning students to start.


Musical Theatre

Act I Company Ages 5 - 8 | Broadway Company Ages 9 - 14

Open to students ages 5-14, this ensemble class provides students with a nurturing and supportive environment to explore the fundamentals of musical theatre. Each semester, students work on acting, dancing and singing, culminating with a performance of scenes from popular musicals.

Jazz Theory & Improvisation

One key element common to almost all jazz styles is improvisation. A strong base in jazz theory, performance and improv can also provide an excellent background for other popular styles of music. Third Street offers an a class in Jazz Theory & Improvisation which complements participation in band and jazz ensembles for students of any instrument.

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Choir Performance New Rochelle

Performance Opportunities


Third Street offers many performance opportunities to its students, including Music Hours, Studio Recitals, Department Recitals and more. Click here for details on these fun and fulfilling opportunities.


Students are encouraged to join and play in one of the School's many ensembles. Ensembles available to voice students include a variety of Choirs, as well as Rock Bands and Jazz Bands. Click these links to learn more.

Certificate Programs

The Music Development Program

Initiated by the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada), The Music Development Program is in an effort to establish a standardized course of music study throughout the United States. Periodic, non-competitive assessments (examinations) are a core component and help to measure each student’s progress. Third Street is a Founding School and Assessment Center for the Music Development Program. Click here for more details about the program and to register for an assessment.

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