Choir Performances New York

Performing in one of Third Street's choirs is a great way for voice students to create music with their peers. Through this process, students elevate their performance skills in an environment that fosters teamwork, fun and music making. Choirs are separated by age, with Chorale being the most advanced ensemble for students whose voices have changed. Choirs perform at an annual spring recital, the school-wide Holiday Concert in December, and at small concerts throughout the school year.

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Choirs New York

Let's All Sing

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Third Street's youngest choir, Let's All Sing, is a great introduction to chorus. Students interested in performing with their friends combine singing and movement in an active, fun environment. Repertoire is generally made up of folk songs of both American and international traditions, teaching students to sing in other languages as they move from unison singing to rounds and finally to two-part harmonies.


3rd Grade - 7th Grade
Preludio is Third Street's intermediate choir for students may have some experience in performing in an ensemble (though prior experience is not necessary). Preludio's repertoire ranges from skill level-appropriate arrangements of classical, traditional and popular music. Students begin with two-part harmonies with the goal of expanding to three-part pieces by end of school year.


8th Grade - 12th Grade
Older students with changed voices and prior experience in ensemble singing are invited to join Chorale. The most advanced choir at Third Street, Chorale performs arrangement of classical and popular songs of all genres, from jazz pieces to spirituals to musical theater numbers. Repertoire also includes original compositions written for young choir. Chorale begins the year with two- and three-part arrangements with the goal of building to four-part, SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) works by the end of the school year.

NEW! Adult Choir

Add your voice to the chorus when you join Third Street's Adult Choir! Vocalists of any experience level are welcome to join the Adult Choir which will perform both traditional and contemporary works.