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Third Street Preschool is built around children’s natural love of learning. Teachers encourage them to explore, imagine and reflect, acknowledging each child’s feelings with care and understanding. Preschoolers engage in concrete experiences such as painting, block building, and dramatic play. Their work is collaborative and experiential, and sparks children’s intellectual and creative curiosity. As their confidence grows, children enjoy an emerging sense of independence and a deepening respect for one another.

Music is an everyday experience here. Children hear it in the hallways, sing it in their classrooms and respond to its rhythms with their bodies. Enrichment includes: instrument intros, movement and music classes, sing-alongs, and small-group keyboard lessons.

Online Preschool Admissions is now closed for the 2018/19 school year. For enrollment information, please contact us!

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Our School

Third Street Music School Settlement is the nation's longest-running community music school, founded in 1894. In 1983, Third Street established a licensed preschool school program to address neighborhood demands for an arts-infused early childhood program. Our hallways are filled with creativity, music, dance and love. Stop by one day for a visit! Schedule a tour with Scott Lynch by calling 212-777-3240, ext. 10 on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Our Mission

The mission of Third Street Preschool is to deepen young children's curiosity about their world and to equip them with the tools to explore it. Preschoolers are encouraged to grow as creative thinkers and smart problem solvers, as risk takers with ever-changing interests, as imaginative playmates, and as caring classmates. Our goal is to instill in young children a lifelong love of learning and the arts and a deep respect for the differences among us.

If you have any questions about Third Street Preschool or Third Street's Early Childhood classes, please e-mail Elaine Winter, Director of Third Street Preschool, or call 212-777-3240, ext. 16 for more information.