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At Third Street Music School Settlement, we believe in nurturing students' desires to learn in any way we can. Our preschool program focuses on hands-on exposure with the arts, while material for older students transitions toward more fluid and conceptual targets. Either way, our established curriculum ensures that students become more comfortable with their subjects so they're prepared for a lifetime of developing their skills.

  • Third Street Preschool - It’s common knowledge that students are most receptive to new concepts and ideas the younger they are. We have music, movement, half day, full day and toddler classes to begin your child’s lifelong journey with music and dance.
  • Programs for ages 3 and up - Here at Third Street Music School we believe in serving our community, and that means lessons that cover an array of proficiency levels and instruments for all ages.
  • Music lessons - Whether you’re interested in composing, practicing or performing, we have a wide variety of styles and genres to expand your musical horizon.
  • Dance classes - Musical expression isn’t just limited to making music with instruments and Third Street Music School offers an assortment of classes for all ages to learn about the beauty of dance.

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2018 Winter/Spring Offerings!

Check out our 2017-18 Course Catalog for a complete view of our course offerings, and take a look at our school year calendar for our teaching schedule and holidays.

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Experiencing music and dance is the heart of our techniques

At the Third Street Music School Settlement, students, teachers and visitors are always surrounded with the sights and sounds of music and dance being learned and shared. A short stroll through our hallways reveals an abundant mixture of ballet, jazz, chamber music and children’s sing-alongs. Because we don’t just teach music and dance, we live it.

Third Street Music School keeps its core programs strong while meeting our community's changing needs.

Interested in our teaching methods? Click here to learn more about the Traditional and Suzuki Instruction Methods used to help our students achieve success in their music education.

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