Lee Feldman

Piano Department

Lee Feldman is a New York based pianist, songwriter and composer. He has released four critically acclaimed albums: Living It All Wrong (Pure/Mercury, 1996); The Man in a Jupiter Hat (Bonafide/Mercury, 2000); I’ve Forgotten Everything (Bonafide, 2006); Album No. 4: Trying to Put the Things Together that Never Been Together Before -- and STARBOY (2004), an animated musical about a 2-dimensional superhero.

Lee has had extensive training in classical piano, jazz piano and composition. In spite of that, he writes music that has meaning and sticks in the brain.

Lee has been on the piano faculty of Third Street Music School Settlement for 10 years and is the President of the teacher’s union at Third Street. He is also the Director of LF/S BROOKLYN, an art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

He lives in Riverdale, Bronx with his wife and two children.

www.leefeldman.com | www.lfsbrooklyn.com

"Lee Feldman's I've Forgotten Everything is unlike anything else in contemporary pop. If you have a passion for good songwriting, you need this album. - STEREOPHILE

"Lee Feldman uses a Tin Pan Alley bounce to make twisted or troubled situations sound like parlor songs." – NEW YORK TIMES

"Lee Feldman plays the piano in just the dry, subtle, understated manner that his dry, subtle, understatedly hilarious songs call for." – ATLANTIC MONTHLY