Keiko Bishop



Keiko Bishop, who was born and grew up in Japan, has a truly unique and long career in both music and dance fields. She received a variety of arts educations, including piano and ballet, from an early age. She had started her professional career in the entertainment field when she was a teenager and engaged in a wide variety of entertainment activities as a professional vocalist and pianist in different genres of music.

She moved her base in the United States in 1991 and performed on stage with various well-known Jazz musicians quite often, including her late husband, Mr. Walter Bishop Jr., and toured in Japan, Europe, South Africa, etc as well as participated in group sessions and recordings in a variety of music genres.

In recent years, she has played the piano as a dance accompanist, mainly in the New York area by using her experiences as a dancer in ballet and Latin dances. She continues to dance to study the use of body and devotes herself to exploring the relationship between dance and music that are common language to all human beings.