Recording Studio

Do you need to make a performance recording for school or summer camps applications or for any professional reason? Third Street offers a variety of options for students, faculty and community members alike!

Third Street Music School Settlement has two new performance spaces available for recordings. The Anna-Maria Kellen (AMK) Concert Hall can accommodate everything from individual artists to a full orchestra. In addition, this premier space can be acoustically tuned to suit the acoustical needs of any ensemble. The AMK Concert Hall is equipped with two Steinway pianos (models B and D). The smaller, Recital Hall space can accommodate from one to thirty musicians and is equipped with a Steinway model B piano.

Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind when planning your recording at Third Street:

  • All recordings will take place in either the AMK Concert Hall or the Recital Hall.
  • Individuals will have access to the Third Street pianos which are tuned at A=440. No changes to the pianos will be permitted which includes removing the lids and prepared piano.
  • The pianos are tuned on a regular basis. There will be an extra cost of $150 If additional tuning is required. Tunings may be limited to technician availability and can only be hired by Third Street Music School.
  • Individuals who require an accompanist must make their own arrangements. Accompanists do not need to be affiliated with Third Street. At the request of individuals, Third Street will provide a list of accompanists.
  • All persons entering Third Street premises must follow all building polices, which are listed on the Third Street website.
  • Prices quoted below are for standard recordings that involve fewer than eight musicians. Rates for recordings that are more complex will be provided upon request.




Third Street’s team of Audio Engineers create professional recordings using industry standard tools such as Logic Pro X. In addition, Third Street provides the following equipment:

iMacs equipped with Logic Pro X, Allen & Heath Qu-16 mixing board, Boom Stands of all heights, XLR and audio cables, Direct Input Boxes, Headphones, and a large array of microphones (small, medium and large condenser microphones; tube, ribbon and stereo microphones; and ceiling mounted microphones.) An HD Video Camcorder can be provided upon request.

Please note, the two recording spaces are performance halls and not fully sound proofed.

If you are interested in booking one of the spaces for recording we suggest you make an appointment to come and see the spaces.

For booking and more information, contact Matthew Stewart at [email protected] or 212-77-3240 x35.